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gourmet | Geneva on the Lake

Our resort features original gardens, a pool, and boathouse all in historic Geneva, New York. So, if you’re looking to find the perfect Finger Lakes romantic getaway, Geneva On The Lake is it!
Geneva On The Lake’s Property
We feature twenty-nine luxurious accommodations, all well equipped, with Stickley’s renowned handcrafted furniture. Our uniquely styled suites boast in classic elegance and casual comfort, fitting for a memorable Finger Lakes romantic getaway. You can choose from Suites with breathtaking views of Seneca Lake or a wood burning fireplace, to a cathedral ceiling or a Jacuzzi. We also have townhouses, with a private terrace and two bedrooms, perfect for a family getaway. Make sure to dine at Lancellotti’s, our on-site restaurant, whether you sit in our beautiful dining room, or in the Parlor Bar, you’ll experience a unique taste of local foods, wines, and spirits. All from the harvest of the Geneva On The Lake wineries, breweries, distilleries, and farms. Our talented chefs work hard to make fresh meals for your enjoyment. As you savor these tasty dishes, you can listen to live music. When it comes to the perfect Finger Lakes romantic getaway, Geneva On The Lake is unrivaled. Thanks to our beautiful facilities, and excellent cuisine, service, and hospitality you’ll experience some treasurable time with your lover.
Geneva, NY
If you’re looking to take this Finger Lakes romantic getaway to the next level, you’ll love our on-site Spa Services. You can get a Massage (or perhaps a side-by-side) from the comfort of your suite. Directly arrange details through our concierge desk. We offer In-Room Swedish Massage and In-Room Deep Tissue Massage; both are 50-minutes long. Unwind with a soothing Massage, that combines traditional Swedish techniques and therapeutic touch with our Swedish Massage. Or, let our experienced masseuse give you a Deep Tissue Massage, which ranges between medium to firm pressure and assisted stretching techniques to relieve stress and tension. You’ll love relaxing during your Finger Lakes romantic getaway at Geneva On The Lake NY. So book your stay at Geneva On The Lake today!

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